Service 1

Screening of Applicants

Maintain an updated data professional, skilled, semi-skilled, unskilled.

Service 2


The candidate having successfully passed the tests up to this point will be long with our expert tester may select directly.

Service 3

Trade Testing

Theoretical and practical test conducted by competent testing board consisting of expert instructor at the test center which prompt recruitment of right person for right job.

Service 4

Pre-Employment Medical Examination

A medical board/A doctor/A hospital/A Clinic nominated by embassy of the respective country .

Service 5

Documentation & Processing

Visa and Noc Received / ZINNAH OVERSEAS by its own efforts obtains govt. Clearance etc. at earlier.

Service 6

Issue of Passport

Correct and genuine passport is obviously important in case urgent a passport may be issued in 12hours, semi urgent 21 days and ordinary 90 days.

Selection Process

Zinnah Overseas mentioning numbers of workers required in each category with monthly Salary.
Zinnah Overseas, to carry on the recruitment of Bangladeshi Manpower including all the neces- sary formalities as regards to arrange for an inter- view, sign all necessary documents required by the laws of Bangladesh.
Inter party agreement between Employer and Government Law and BAIRA mentioning all the recruitment terms and conditions.
Agreement between Employer and Employee mentioning fully and precisely the working terms and conditions.
Address to Department of Foreign Employment, Guarantee on the behalf of the Employer men- tioning that the employee will be working in employing company and country only.