Zinnah Overseas is an agency where committed to provide a reliable service to our clients, involves raising economic base of Bangladesh. Our commitment is to solve the unemployment problem of Bangladesh. Zinnah Overseas is always felt to deploy various categories of manpower to multinational company which aid in raising the economic standard of candidates as well as nation. Among more than 1100 Bangladeshi manpower agencies, Zinnah Overseas is one of the fastest growing manpower companies regarding the supply of ample manpower collected from various sources with its quality service and prompt working style. It has branch offices in each development regions of our country.


Workers provided by Zinnah Overseas undergo psychological and technical interviews, examination and trade testing. They also pass through rigid medical examination based on the requirement of the country of deployment through local Government accredited clinics. An applicant must be technically, physically and emotionally qualified for the job applied for. Selected workers undergo pre departure orientation seminars in which laws of the country of deployment, company rules and policies and their specific responsibilities are discussed.

Corporate Principle

With more than 20 years of experience in the international recruitment business, Zinnah Overseas cooperated with different government agencies involved in the deployment of workers. It actively participates in the formulation of employment rules and regulations, guidelines and policies of governments on overseas employment, and monitoring trends affecting labor movements all over the world. Despite changes, Zinnah Overseas had been flexible yet resolute and consistent in its purpose of giving the best worker to meet the needs of the client. On the other hand, the deployed worker is given the moral support in time of need to make them at peace with their jobs.


Excellence and quality service had always been the guiding principle of the company. Zinnah Overseas treats their clients as partners and as such sees to it that the company will run smoothly and profitably with the right people on the job. With the belief that manpower is one of the pillars in any industry or business, AESI has for its motto..

Our Office

Zinnah Overseas assure you the quality service and better co-operation in future.

Office Building

This is Rupsha Tower where Zinnah Overseas is here


Office Building

This is Rupsha Tower where Zinnah Overseas is here


Zinnah Overseas Office

There are many variations of passages of Zinnah Overseas available


Main Office Room

This is one of rooms of Zinnah Overseas


Conference Room

This is a mini Conference Room


Work Station 1

This is another office room


Work Station 2

This is one of work station


Our Service

A Trust Home of Smooth Service

Screening of Applicants

Maintain an updated data professional, skilled, semi-skilled, unskilled.


The candidate having successfully passed the tests up to this point will be long with our expert tester may select directly.

Trade Testing

Theoretical and practical test conducted by competent testing board consisting of expert instructor at the test center which prompt recruitment of right person for right job.

Pre-Employment Medical Examination

A medical board/A doctor/A hospital/A Clinic nominated by embassy of the respective country .

Documentation & Processing

Visa and Noc Received / ZINNAH OVERSEAS by its own efforts obtains govt. Clearance etc. at earlier.

Issue of Passport

Correct and genuine passport is obviously important in case urgent a passport may be issued in 12hours, semi urgent 21 days and ordinary 90 days.

Manpower Works

We are working through the any manpower recruitment country The Below country that we are working more



Saudi Arabia














Recruitment Formalities

Zinnah Overseas mentioning numbers of workers required in each category with monthly Salary.

Zinnah Overseas, to carry on the recruitment of Bangladeshi Manpower including all the necessary formalities as regards to arrange for an interview, sign all necessary documents required by the laws of Bangladesh.
Inter party agreement between Employer and Government Law and BAIRA mentioning all the recruitment terms and conditions.
Agreement between Employer and Employee mentioning fully and precisely the working terms and conditions.
Address to Department of Foreign Employment, Guarantee on the behalf of the Employer mentioning that the employee will be working in employing company and country only.

Our Client

Our valeable Client is here who working to many years

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